Friday, October 18, 2019

UC Admissions Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

UC Admissions - Personal Statement Example This paper the researcher is writing to apply for the Business Administration program specializing in accounting. At this point in life where he has to decide on his professional future, the author has chosen to pursue a career in business administration mainly due to his interest in the field and the confidence he has gained through his work experiences. The author has been interested in business and accounts since high school and this has today become a major motivating factor for pursuing his further education. After graduating from high school, the researcher worked for a business concern run by his friend’s father for about a year which was a good learning experience in more ways than one. This work experience made him realize the importance of accounting in business ventures and also inspired him to learn the core aspects of the subject in order to fully understand and comprehend business-related problems and issues.   In addition, the author also worked at a local ban k during his summer break and this experience provided him an opportunity to learn many aspects of accounting and its related issues. The author’s experiences have provided a good platform to explore and understand the different aspects related to business and accounting. Every experience that he stood to gain reinforced his interest in the subject and his determination to excel in his chosen field. The author’s work experiences have made him become more efficient and resourceful.

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