Friday, October 25, 2019

Luncheon At The Morning Glory Cafe :: Personal Narrative Technology Essays

Luncheon At The Morning Glory Cafe After I was given an assignment to research any issue involving the digital media, I began to investigate the controversy about whether copying and downloading information or music off the Internet was legal; and if it was not legal, what are the current regulations. The paper begins with a story that stages a meeting of all the researchers who had previously never met before. The purpose of the story is to familiarize the reader with the information. The next portion of the paper is analyzing the sources, with the last section discussing how I felt after the research and why. The Morning Glory Cafà © would be open soon. I slipped on my sandals and grabbed my keys. Soon I was cruising down the road in my yellow Beetle, singing at the top of my lungs to the Dixie Chicks. I had plans to meet some very important people at the cafe for lunch and I was speeding off to meet them. Working for the online periodical eCheck allowed me to meet interesting people and go to exciting places. Today I was not going anywhere out of the ordinary, just the coffee house I frequently visit. However, I would be meeting five authors there who had each done extensive research on the digital issues computers. ECheck publishes articles about those issues that affect today’s society and the people influenced by them. I had been assigned the issue of copyright laws and the legality of downloading music. The information I would receive today would be first hand knowledge, excellent for my article. I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. Upon my arrival, I realized that I was not the last to show. Eric Boehlert strolled in moments behind me, appearing as though he had just rolled out of bed. His dark hair was tousled; his shirt wrinkled and not tucked in. He was laid back and smart, but from what I had heard, he was also absent minded. Despite his forgetfulness, Eric is an excellent writer for Salon, the online periodical he works for. Salon writes about every subject from politics to art and music. He has good insight into the world of controversial ideas, bringing out points that were not usually expanded upon.

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