Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Monsanto Company the Coming Age of Bio-technology Case Study

Monsanto Company the Coming Age of Bio-technology - Case Study Example From this essay it is clear that growing to become the third largest chemical firm in the U.S, and the 145th largest industrial organization, the success of Monsanto has presented a convincing long-term benefit for the company`s shareholders. However, according to the study, the firm faces a combination of issues, comprising the lack of a patent ahead of 2000, for its key product, Roundup. The company also needed to acquire the value generated by its biotechnology research that attracted an investment of $300 million within10 years. Moreover, and on a long-term approach, Monsanto had to settle on where to center its research and development regarding its farm level or industrial, and food products.This paper highlights that  the management of the production of glyphosate and developing supply chains relationship would empower the image of the business and acceptance of its products heavily. The firm managed to embrace the best scheme of action before the time limit that was to mark et assertively similar products, and glyphosate into the market before the patent expiration. Also, by acquiring a high grip of the Roundup before the end of the patent, the firm would raise royalty fees, and the company will be able to balance the slight market share losses that could be incurred due to potential rival substitute products.  Ã‚  The firm was also making a significant stride by selling its products outside the U.S. Where it has proven massive sales. A positive initiative will better place Monsanto to govern the Asian market.

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