Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mrk #1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Mrk #1 - Essay Example the same time outshine their performance in not only providing high quality computer products but at the same time services by getting well-trained employees who do not only have the knowledge about technology and computers but at the same time have passion for doing so. Also, screening possible employees to pick out those with friendly personalities, professionalism, and patience is key to achieve this. 3. Since there are a lot of players in the business that Best Value is in, brand equity is key to gaining the trust and confidence of customers to actually look to them for their needs instead of the popular brands/companies. This would be achieved by having a clear distinctive positioning of Best Value where customers of that certain market would be able to connect with them and know that they are the right place to go to. Establishing Best Value to be a local computer parts and service provider who under promises and yet over delivers without asking for too much of a cost should be clearly communicated to its customers so they will gain a top of mind position in their market. 4. Best Value sales representatives do a very important task of managing their expectations. An example of which would be to allow these customers especially those who are non-techie to understand what the parts are for, the reason why a certain part is dysfunctional and etc. aside from that, it is important to lay it down to prospective clients that they are not as big and as well-equipped as the other big companies out there so service rendered could take a bit more time but they would guarantee satisfaction at a lower cost for sure. Also, Best Value could make sure their clients are always happy by never forgetting a follow through even after the transaction is made. One could make a call and ask them how their computers are working. 5. The expansion towards providing LAN services could pose dangers such as the lowering of quality of computers being assembled, an employee base Best

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