Friday, October 18, 2019

I need these questions answered Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

I need these questions answered - Essay Example It is incredibly frustrating when the application software helpdesk says the problem is the operating system, and the operating system helpdesk   Compatibility between the software and hardware is an issue many a times. A normal windows system comes either in 32 bit memory system or 64 bit. Often software might not be compatible with any of these. Many a times the data formats so used are different in nature and cause turbulence. It is often caused due to the architecture of the hardware as well. To overcome this problem, many patches are available online, or windows original compatibility tools are available which help making the two work together. This situation can be overcome by using the kind of software that is most likely compatible with the softwares. A software tool test can be conducted in this regard. In modern times the software/ hardware compatibility issue has been reduced to a great degree. Technology is changing and improving at ever brisk a pace. The Moore’s law holds good in this case. The storage devices are no exception to the pace of technology. In less than two decades we have seen massive transition of storage devices taking place that have literally changed the dynamics. The change from floppy discs to compact discs to digital versatile drives (D.V.Ds) and now blu ray technology did not take long. Blu ray that supports over 30 plus G.B of data over one disc is just another thing now. The future would bring about Tera byte enabled hard drives. Portable hard drives are example of it. Solid state drives are best and hot contenders for replacing the conventional hard drives in times ahead. They would be HDD enabled S.S.Ds. Hologramic storage is another concept which has promise to it. Nano technology enabled storing devices are the items that would dominate the future. System configuration is a utility option that can be

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