Monday, October 7, 2019

How can interactive media encourage students from secondary schools to Dissertation

How can interactive media encourage students from secondary schools to eat healthy and thus contribute to reducing the growing o - Dissertation Example n.d.). Considering the cases of school children, the number of children suffering from overweight has been rising over the years. Records reflect that one out of three children is becoming obese or overweight. These children are also affected with heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes that are associated with the increase in weight. It is a matter of serious concern that lead to several challenges for such school children to cope up themselves in situations of the school environment and lead a healthy life (Congress, 2000). Thus there is a need to reduce the problems related to overweight in school children in order to protect them from the above mentioned diseases of the health (Pillitteri, 2010). The present study focuses on the effects of interactive media towards encouraging children from secondary schools to eat healthy and become aware of the growing overweight problems among such children. Meaning of Healthy Eating in Healthcare: By healthy eating in healthcare, it refers to the foods in amounts and types that contain a proper balance between nourishment and power supporting the growth of the children as well as of the metabolism of the adults. In order to eat healthy, such foods need to be selected that contain vitamins for the promotion of the health, as well as minerals that are required by the body. The quantities of fats, cholesterol, sugar and sodium need to be less in such foods (Tassoni, 2002). Thus healthy eating means intake of those foods and nutrients that are actually needed by the food for proper growth and health. The necessary nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals (Boyle and Long, 2008). Thus it can be realized that healthy eating is extremely essential for individuals to remain healthy such that they do not suffer from severe diseases that result from overweight problems. With the school children the problems are more since they tend not to understand the problems and the ill effects of u nhealthy foods and their obesity can actually lead to them becoming obese when they are grown up as well (Penn, 2005). Trends and Development in Healthy Diet: Studies have revealed certain trends in health eating. These trends do not include only losing weight and diet regimens. Rather they consider the healthy eating habits in order to bring about a change in the lifestyle, with balanced and proper diet particularly focused on eliminating or reducing the problems of child obesity and overweight problems in school children. In the present times, several individuals, as reflected by the Americans, have turned their focus on improving their diets. Thus diets are obtained to have changed and people are now more concerned to follow the dietary instructions as provided by health departments. Low fat diets have been obtained to have gained attraction among most individuals that reflect a turn towards the positive effect as far as healthy eating is concerned (Weimer, n.d.). The governments in this regard have started playing a significant role. Since dietary constraints have proved to prevent several health problems in individuals, considering the small children as well, hence governments are also taking initiatives to encourage healthy eating among small children and other individuals. They are providing effective nutritional information to

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