Thursday, November 7, 2019

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essays

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essays Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essay Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essay Weapons Of Mass Destruction ARTCLE 1 The issue of weapons of mass destruction has always been one that intrigued me. I have believed for the longest time that more attention needed to be placed on the subject, and the effectiveness of our ability to control who, or whom has what. More and more nations are building and stockpiling these weapons for years, so when National Geographic came out with the article Weapons of Mass Destruction (an ominous new chapter opens on the twentieth century?s ugliest legacy), I was enthused to say the least. The inspiration for the article came about after a mock scenario by the United States military, which showed America?s vulnerability, and ill preparedness for such an attack. The information for the article suffered a setback after the events of September 11, and a dragnet was put over the world of WMD. Still the article proved to be very informative, and eye opening. The author, Lewis M. Simons did a good job of detailing particular problems besetting why weapons of mass destruction exist in the first place. The article attempts to convey the senses, of fear, pain, and hopelessness by way of gripping tales and pictures. One picture in particular was very good article, people, way, one, world, weapons, think, simon, job, cities, about, wmd, say, particular, forms, across, very, various, try, subject, sense, really, put, population, place, pain, out, mass, liked, least, lagos, it?s, including, hyderabad, good

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