Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Burger King and Innovation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 12000 words

Burger King and Innovation - Essay Example In order for a company to survive and succeed in the current economic climate, which is itself having difficulties, companies have to develop in such a way to be one step ahead of their competition. Since the global recession, there is a need for change and members of organizations are urged to change their own mindsets. For this to happen, organizations have to emphasize on 1) communicating more with their customers. Companies have to find out what their customers want and need, especially in the midst of a changing environment where needs and priorities may be different from how they used to be in previous years, and 2) striving for improvement and innovation. During the global economic crisis, it is not sufficient that companies remain to be on the same level as their competitors. In order to survive the competition, creating new business practices in both customer care and creating product value is what is needed in order to innovate. However, innovation doe not occur by simply e ncouraging organization members to be creative. Moreover, the concept of innovation is one that needs to be planned, encouraged and managed. It is a process that is gradual and continual (Desmond, 2009).  According to Christiansen (2000), innovation is the process that involves the management of ideas, the provision of funding and implementation. In the food services industry, it is common to expect that most companies do not have research and development laboratories. Innovations mostly include innovations in equipment design and layout.

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