Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Management for Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Management for Organizations - Essay Example Also, the logo of Ron Jon is popular worldwide (Ron Jon website, the History) while the logo of Hilo Hattie is not recognizable at international level. It should be noted that both companies emphasize on the uniqueness and the range of their products, as a competitive advantage towards their competitors. Hilo Hattie is the only retailer in Hawaii that offers to its customers an extremely high range of products. Ron Jon has emphasized on products related only to Surf, aiming to address customers in the specific sector. Specializing on Surf-related products Ron Jon is able to provide to its customers a high range of products of this category. In the websites of the two companies elements can be retrieved in regard to their organizational planning, leading and control. These elements are presented in Table 1 below. Companies/ Element in the website Ron Jon Surf Shop Hilo Hattie Organizational planning In the section ‘Our Company’; employees are highly valued; emphasis is al so given on the firm’s corporate environment In the section ‘Fun Stuff’ and the sub-section ‘About Hilo Hattie’; the key target of the company has been its development into a major centre of vacation shopping. Organizing In the section ‘Our Company’ / subsection: History; the company has developed its own stores but it also highly based on partnerships. In the section ‘Fun Stuff’ and the sub-section ‘About Hilo Hattie’; the company operates exclusively through its own stores. Important information on the company’s daily operations are also included in the section ‘Info’; for example, the return of a product is based on the rules included in the Returns & Exchanges sub-section Staffing In the section ‘Careers’; Employee benefits include ‘Employee discounts and Educational Assistance’ Vacancies are presented through the website’s section ‘Contact Usâ€℠¢ and the sub-section ‘Careers’; no information is provided in regard to the terms of employment in the company’s stores Leading In the section ‘Our Company’; emphasis is given on the store’s founder, Ron DiMenna and his leading style which is followed by the stores’ managers; securing fun for customers is among the priorities of the company’s leading aspect (Reilly, Minnick & Baack 2011, p.3) The only information provided in regard to the company’s leading is included in the section ‘Contact Us’ and the sub-section ‘Management team’ Control The control over the selling process is secured through a series of rules including in the document under the title ‘Routine and Compliance Guide’, as updated in Jan 2013; the Guide is included in the section ‘Our Company’ and the sub-section ‘Vendor Info’ The company’s operations are aligned with a series of rules included in the section ‘Info’; for example, customers’ privacy is secured while the terms of Returns and Exchanges are analytically described in the relevant sub-section Table 1 – Organizational elements in the companies’ websites Question 2 Company Valuation - Dunkin Donuts The company’s distinctive competence is its brand name as the most popular ‘chain of baked goods and coffee’

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