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Managing Diversity in the Classroom - 2069 Words

Managing Diversity in the Classroom Introduction In a regular classroom, there is a wide range of diversity of students. They are different in gender, culture, social class and learning ability. Some students may have learning difficulty or disability. When they receive education in school, it is necessary to adopt special education strategies. In this essay, I am going to suggest some educational skills and strategies for managing and teaching students with dyslexia in Mathematics lessons. Dyslexia Dyslexia is a common type of specific learning difficulty. For Chinese speakers in Hong Kong, there is around 10% of the population who has dyslexia. Students with dyslexia may have disorders in language, memory or thinking. They may be†¦show more content†¦Using different senses to learn at the same time is an efficient way to learn, especially beneficial to students with learning disability. The teacher can design and prepare a variety of activities which involve seeing, hearing, speaking, touching and writing to maximize students’ potential in learning. When planning lesson, the teacher should determine the students’ own strengths. Although dyslexic students have disabilities in several ways, they can be familiar with some of the other aspects. The teacher can try to find their strengths and teach those strengths. Therefore, the students can have the chance to experience a sense of achievement in their learning process, which enhance their self-esteem. It is unavoidable that even students with disability also have to take tests and exams in school. Although it may be a hard job for dyslexic students, teachers and schools can make appropriate modification to allow those students to show what they have learnt. (Sousa, 2005) First of all, when designing the test papers, the teacher should use proper type font which can easily be read. The key words in the test papers should be in boldface and enough space for writing should be provided. Then the instruction of the questions should be concise and clear. If it is allowable, use visual aids in the questions as those students often have strong visual-spatial skills. Those students are weak at writing and reading so if it is appropriate,Show MoreRelatedPractical Behavior Management Techniques At The Small Village School Of Kipnuk835 Words   |  4 Pagesis it essential to consider the cultural and linguistic diversity of our classroom? What are some ways educators can become more cultural ly competent? What should be considered when managing the behavior of culturally and linguistically diverse learners? What should be avoided? How can the information presented in this article be applied to my own classroom? It is essential to consider the cultural and linguistic diversity of a classroom because the differences in culture can cause a miscommunicationRead MoreTeaching Of A Differentiated Classroom Essay977 Words   |  4 PagesClassrooms today are diverse, have issues that were not previously present, and more is demanded of teachers than ever before. The readings in chapter six of Differentiated Instructional Management (Chapman and King, 2008), stuck me that many of the presented plans are intertwined with each other. I will explain three areas of planning in a differentiated classroom. I will not only discuss the areas of planning, but also speak about how I will incorporate and use the information in my teaching. Read MoreQuestions On Managing Diverse Classrooms1050 Words   |  5 PagesManaging Diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students Cultural Strengths Elise Trumbull’s theory that a cross-cultural conflict in values between Latino immigrant families and the schools was the heart of the problem of formal education for the families of these children and Carrie Rothstein-Fisch’s expertise in pre-service teacher training produced Managing Diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students Cultural Strengths. This book also provides educators with an understanding of how cultureRead MoreClassroom Management And The Environment989 Words   |  4 PagesClassroom management is integral to the environment in which students learn. Classroom management serves to regulate the behaviors, practices and focus of students to elicit participation. When enacted in a culturally responsive way, classroom management extends to consider how a student’s culture influences their motivations and behaviors. Calloway indicates, â€Å"a positive relationship was found to exist between classroom management and cultural teaching† (Callo way, n.d, p. 5). Responsive teachingRead MoreMy Role As An Educator1218 Words   |  5 Pagespromote their social well-being, and encourage full development. This will be done by promoting learning through group and individual work, managing my classroom, creating a community within the classroom and school, and accepting while also incorporating diversity. My role as an educator will be to seek the involvement of all students within the classroom, consider each student’s opinion and learning styles, and most importantly teach from my heart. I believe that all children can learn and thatRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Effects Of Diversity On Business And Communications Essay858 Words   |  4 PagesAnnotated Bibliography: Effects of diversity on business and communications Bilimoria, D. (2007). Handbook on women in business and management. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. This complete Handbook specifically presents commissioned unique essays on the communal roles and contexts women face in management and business, women’s role as leaders in management and business, procedures of the organization influencing women, work-life issues and particular career women’s issues in the fields. These essaysRead MorePrinciples, Policies Frameworks of Inclusive Schooling Essay1176 Words   |  5 Pagesbelieve policies and legislation related to Inclusive Education could influence attitudes towards the way society accepts difference. In recent times I believe there has been a heightened awareness regarding the necessity to develop Inclusive Classrooms that celebrate difference and cater for a diverse range of learning styles and needs. My belief is reflected in the increasing amount of policies and legislation being developed at both state and Commonwealth levels. These approaches range fromRead MoreDiversity in Workplace1483 Words   |  6 PagesDIVERSITY: GROWTH AND IMPORTANCE OF MANAGING Harpreet Singh City University ABSTRACT: As companies are becoming more and more diverse it s becoming more and more important for companies to understand and manage it. The people of different background, races, religion creates diverse workforce. There is an importance of having diverse workforce to provide better performance. There are perspectives of managing the diverse workforce, which require organization leaders and managersRead MoreEffective Teaching And Classroom Management1344 Words   |  6 PagesEffective teaching and classroom management is essential for the development of student’s education (Marsh, 2004). Teaching is rewarding, yet challenging, and can be a difficult career choice to make as it requires countless skills, attributes and understandings (Groundswater-Smith, 2007). Teachers are responsible for accommodating to the varied strengths and weaknesses of each student and aiding them in reaching their full potential in a learning environment. Therefore, recognising factors thatRead MoreThe Ever Changing Classroom : Managing The Intangible Essay1644 Words   |  7 PagesThe Ever-changing Classroom – Managing the Intangible Over the years, much has changed in regards to effective classroom pedagogy. Countless revisions to the once tried and true methodologies of a past age litter the literary practitioner’s textbooks, giving way to an abundance of amendments to strategies no longer pertinent within the ever changing world of high school education. With every new addition to the teaching arsenal come a slew of radical and innovative perspectives and philosophies,

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